Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quilters are really caring people. I spent the weekend in Wenatchee, WA with the North Central Washington Quilt Guild. I had a wonderful time, well except the walking cast. At times I thought that even if I got up to walk to the restrooms that I was going to get tackled. They wanted to make sure that I stayed off my ankle so that it would get well. But some times I just had to get up because my backside really hurt.

Also it is time for a NEW Featured Fabric. this time it is FIRE. The hand dyed background is a vibrant combination of Red, Orange and Yellow. And then hand marbled in the Freestyle Design in the same combination of colors. Fire was inspired by wildfires. Have you ever encountered on up close and in person? I have. The colors are intense, almost shocking they are so bright. Yes, wildfires can destroy and kill but the also bring rebirth.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earlier this week I was happily working away in my studio. I was busily working on the top you see posted here. I had the oddest sensation, I kept hearing this other sewing machine, like an echo. It took me a little while to realize that while I was working in my studio, my husband was in the garage sewing as well. I purchased him, his very own sewing machine a number of years ago. It really was a sanity self defence move on my part. He likes to sew heavy duty fabrics for bags, wall tents and upholstery, well he was killing my machine. We found a 1949 Phaff that is just a beast, but if he can get it under the foot he can sew it.

The project I was working on it an pattern by Dana Marie design co. #1043 Manhattan Blouse. I used some of my hand marbled fabric for the cuffs, collar and covered buttons. It was easy to put together and is comfortable to wear.
And I am also happy to report that the modifications my husband made to my sewing machine so that I could still sew/quilt while wearing my air cast are working really well. Thank You Honey!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Life is Just a matter of Perspective!
Here I was all excited about being able to create once again. Set Backs Happen. A little over two and a half years ago I was hit by a drunk driver. I have had a couple of injuries that are still causing me major grief. So I am getting them checked out again. After two MRI's on my ankle, I am now in a walking cast/boot for a month, then most likely surgery. It is slowing me down but, I refuse to let it stop me. My wonderful husband is in the middle of adapting my sewing machine foot peddle so that I can use my knee and still quilt/sew/create. He has also made me a waterproof bootie to put over it so I don't get soggy foot when I go outside. Perspective - as I came out of the doctors office with my new, pain in the backside walking boot and got on the elevator. I discovered that I was sharing the ride with a man with only one leg. My life didn't seam so bad after that.