Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earlier this week I was happily working away in my studio. I was busily working on the top you see posted here. I had the oddest sensation, I kept hearing this other sewing machine, like an echo. It took me a little while to realize that while I was working in my studio, my husband was in the garage sewing as well. I purchased him, his very own sewing machine a number of years ago. It really was a sanity self defence move on my part. He likes to sew heavy duty fabrics for bags, wall tents and upholstery, well he was killing my machine. We found a 1949 Phaff that is just a beast, but if he can get it under the foot he can sew it.

The project I was working on it an pattern by Dana Marie design co. #1043 Manhattan Blouse. I used some of my hand marbled fabric for the cuffs, collar and covered buttons. It was easy to put together and is comfortable to wear.
And I am also happy to report that the modifications my husband made to my sewing machine so that I could still sew/quilt while wearing my air cast are working really well. Thank You Honey!


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