Sunday, July 29, 2007

I spent yesterday at Samish Island Arts Festival. I was not able to attend the festival last Summer and was very happy to see it has grown. They had more music, more vendors and even wine tasting. Now if I could just fine a wine without sulfites I would be really happy. I sold some of my wares( fabric, framed art, Girls Night Out Bags and other stuff) and came home with some Soy Candles. I will admit that I am a candle burner. I love Soy candles but have found they are always so expensive. My booth was next to a couple of gals that were selling soy candles and I brought some home to try out. Plus they are both moms and are trying to start a home based business just like I have. I like to support buy local if I can.

Today was clean up and play with Molly. When ever I am gone at a show she becomes Velcro Dog when I get home. And she gets so excited when the second seat goes back in the van, because then she knows that I won't be traveling without her for a while.

Now I get to go back into my studio and create. I can't wait. So many ideas.


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