Thursday, June 07, 2007

I just spent the weekend at in Portland, OR with the Northwest Quilter's. They had their annual show. It never fails to amaze me when I see all of the wonderful work that is being done. I do LOVE the variety expressed in the different styles, colors and textures.

I also was able to debut "the Red Planets Vest" and a few new colors. I do believe that the Blue/Green combination really hit a cord with a lot of people. It's official name is "Where the Kenai Meets the Trees". It is the current featured fabric on my web site at There is a bit 0f a story behind it. I heard a rather well known designer say "Blue and Green should never be seen, except in you washing machine". She went on to clarify only if it is your socks in the wash. Well, I just happen to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And blue and Green are everywhere. So I created this fabric and it reminded me so much of Alaska's beautiful Kenai River and how many of the trees come right down to the rivers edge. Not to mention quite a few sweepers that are hanging in the water. It was a huge hit and yes I'm making more.


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