Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On the road again! I have had a very busy last couple of weeks. Two weekends ago I was in the Tri-Cities for the Tri-Cities Quilters Annual show. Karen Burns was the local featured artist. I have had the honor of meeting Karen and viewing a few of her pieces in the past couple of years. It was really fun to see a large body of her work all at one time. It was interesting to see how she has learned and grown.

I was at the Camano Island Quilters Quilt Show this past weekend. Lois Nay was the featured quilter. She said that she had made over 200 quilts. Wow, I guess I still have room for more. She loves bright colors, not you average Grandmother.

I will be off again. and then I am very excited to get back into the studio and create. I have some ideas for new colors. And some new pieces. I have come to the realization that I started as a seamstress that became a quilter and I really love combining the two to create wearable art pieces.


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