Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just update my featured fabric for my web site. This time it is Yukon Gold in the Freestyle design. I spent many years in Alaska and was fortunate enough to spend time in the Yukon. I loved Dawson City and all of the excitement that still surrounds GOLD. Gold Fever is still alive and well in the Klondike. I used to dress as a Dance Hall Girl while doing my city tour of Dawson City and the Gold Fields. I found that my alter ego Marie Burnett was quite the sassy,saucy and often naughty story teller. She could get away with just about anything. You should try driving a forty foot tour bus in a bustle sometime. Like Marie, Yukon Gold has many colors and shades and never fails to please.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I spent yesterday at Samish Island Arts Festival. I was not able to attend the festival last Summer and was very happy to see it has grown. They had more music, more vendors and even wine tasting. Now if I could just fine a wine without sulfites I would be really happy. I sold some of my wares( fabric, framed art, Girls Night Out Bags and other stuff) and came home with some Soy Candles. I will admit that I am a candle burner. I love Soy candles but have found they are always so expensive. My booth was next to a couple of gals that were selling soy candles and I brought some home to try out. Plus they are both moms and are trying to start a home based business just like I have. I like to support buy local if I can.

Today was clean up and play with Molly. When ever I am gone at a show she becomes Velcro Dog when I get home. And she gets so excited when the second seat goes back in the van, because then she knows that I won't be traveling without her for a while.

Now I get to go back into my studio and create. I can't wait. So many ideas.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I think I have recovered from my weekend. I spent the weekend in a little place called Napavine, WA with the Rainy Daze Quilt Guild. It was the first time the guild had put on a quilt show. They did an excellent job of displaying the quilts. I was impressed by the variety of quilts that were hung. From very traditional quilts in very traditional fabrics to hand painted art quilts. They also had a number of portrait quilts.

I always learn something new at each show:
Many hand quilters love wool batting. My friend Jodi from Bear Paw Quilts sells wool batting from her neighbor's sheep. The really fun part is that each batting has the name of the sheep that the wool came from.

I'm also test driving a lap quilting frame. Since my auto accident the quilting frame that I have is uncomfortable to use. I find myself not hand quilting, because of the discomfort. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What fun we had. Molly and I just had a visit from two people and ten Alaskan Sled Dogs. Some dear friends are in the process of moving from Denali Park, Alaska to Mount Rainier, Washington. They stopped on the way and spent the weekend with us. I have a couple of acres that are fenced and everyone got along so we turned all the dogs loose and let them run. When the the day cooled off they would romp play. The photo is of Molly (black dog) and two of her new friends.

Monday, July 09, 2007

This is one of the oldest known marbling designs it is refered to as Rocks or Stones. I have made a few from time to time, but they have generly not sold well. So I made a few before the last show. And Suprise! I sold almost everything I had on hand. I will create more Rocks or Stones and see how it goes. Perhaps its time has come.
Yukon Gold Rocks or Stones

Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am" my dad gave me a mini slow cone with that saying on it. But I keep thinking that I should that I should write a book titled "Lessons I Learned From My Dog." The biggest lesson is to be happy about the little things. My studio is at my home, many times I find myself working, working, working. I don't remember to take time for me. I try to take some time in the late afternoon to sit down and read. The summer bring me out into the yard. Yesterday I put out my lounge chair and then the phone rang. Sometime later I finally made it outside. Molly was sitting next to my chair. As I came out the door her ears came up, tail started to wag, then her whole body to wiggle. She was just so happy to see me. It's the little things.