Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Helpful Hints the things that help make marbling easier and more fun. First is mixing the marbling base and alum solution. My arm almost dropped off the first time I tried mixing everything by hand. Then I found two very helpful tools. First is a power drill. (My husband never dreamed that he would be sharing his power tools with me, but he has adjusted nicely.) The second is a paint mixer that fits in a power drill. You can get them at most hardware stores. You have just turned your power drill into a big hand mixer.
I normally mix 4 gallons of marbling base and 8 gallons of Alum solution at a time, so these two tools together make life so much easier. You may want to try it out in just plain water until you figure out the right speed. I shot water all over the place the first time. Now I don't dread the mixing of the solutions and I get a much better mix.



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