Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just returned form Stevenson, WA, while there I attended the Columbia River Gorge Quilt Show. It is a small show, but they are known for having great teachers and classes for the weekend. Quilters come from all over the Pacific Northwest to attend the show. The quality of the workmanship of the quilts was out standing. I was impressed by the number of quilts that were hand quilted. It's nice to see that hand quilting is not becoming a thing of the past. One quilt featured a white background with hand quilting in black thread. Beautiful!

I am always fiddling with how my booth is set up. I finally found a combination I liked, so I took photos. Now I am thinking of adding another table, because I have been creating new colors. I do believe the setup will always be growing and changing. Currently it takes me about two hour to setup and an hour plus to take down.


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