Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crazy Busy Week.
I am trying to get as much fabric created as possible before my next Quilt Show. As it takes about two weeks from start to finish to hand dye and then hand marble fabric, I have to plan ahead. I have some Ugly Duckling and Chocolate Lily ready to be ironed. Orange, Copper, Bright Yellow and a variety of Fat Half colors curing. And several colors dyed and waiting to be marbled. Not to forget the solid black fabric that is always a hit when marbled. I also hope to have a new wearable top finished. It just has to cool down enough to be able to wear them. I find that I am a full time member of the Not Enough Time In A Day Club. I have all of these ideas but just not enough hour in the day. Crazy but fun, the good king of crazy.


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