Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spent the last two days marbling fat halves 22" x 36" pieces of cotton fabric. I do alot of fat quarters 18" x 22" inch pieces and rarely have any with flaws in them. But the fat halves are another story. Much harder to get them right, but I really like the larger size for making garments.

Today I will marble Red. That color I call Emotion Red. People just have an emotional reaction to that color. I'm happy to say I am able to keep up with the demand for it.

It is great fun trying to anticipate just what color will be the big seller at next quilt show I'm at. Keeps me on my toes. My last show I sold out of six different colors. Orange, Bright Yellow, Emotion Red, Red Red, Ugly Duck (turns into beautiful swan when marbled) and Black.

Happy Marbling


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