Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween
I just returned from the West sound Quilters 2006 Quilt Show. The theme this year was Anchored In Tradition A Salute to the Sea Services (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines) Bremerton, WA is a town that is closely tied to the sea and the armed forces, the guild wanted to acknowledge those that are and have served in the Sea Services.

One of the highlight was the Robert Howe Quilt. The quilt was completed in 1945 by Aldora Howe mother of Robert Howe. Robert was an member of the Coast Guard during WWII, his ship US FS200 had been comissioned and was sent to the Pacific Theater. Aldora started making a quilt for Robert. She asked for the names, serial numbers and state of each crew member. The quilt is embroidered with that information as well as the state bird and flower for each crewmans home state. Also included are the Coast Guards insignia, the ship mascot and a drawing of the ship all surrounded by a red, white and blue border.

It is truly a piece of American history that is cherished and remembered. It will eventually be given to the Coast Guard Museum.


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