Thursday, March 06, 2008

Everything I know I learned from My Dog.
Life is all about adapting. Miss Molly is a rescued dog. When she first arrived we thought her tail was broken because she always had it tucked between her legs. Molly came to live with us two weeks before I was involved in a auto accident that almost took my life (but that is a different story). Molly and I recovered together. She spent her first weeks in a tent formed by my borrowed recliner and the blankets I was wrapped in.

Now Molly is a happy healthy crazy dog. She takes her job of protecting me very seriously. I had ankle surgery the first part of December. Molly moved into my studio with me. I have two rolling office chairs that I use, so I can stay off my feet and elevate my ankle as much as possible and still work. Molly figured out how to get herself wedged under one of the chairs and roll me around the room. If I can't get my good foot on the floor in time, Molly runs me into the wall.

I just got clearance to be able to walk outside in my yard. When I stepped onto the grass for the first time Molly went nuts. She did the happy dog flips/end to end swaps and raced around like a crazy wild thing. She always adapts to the situation and shows great joy at my smallest progress.


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