Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's catch up time. I just spent the weekend at the Kitsap Quilters Annual Quilt Show. 325 Quilts were hung for everyones viewing pleasure. It always amazes me, such wonderful, beautiful, mind blowing creativity. I love seeing new teqniques and getting new ideas. I always find inspiration. Now if I only had more time to create quilts. I really can't complain as I have been marbling fabric like MAD! And selling it just as fast, but I have desided that struggling to keep up with the demand is a good thing.

I am also finding that I am headed in a new direction with other fabrics that I sell. I currently have two fabric lines that are made by artisan overseas and made by hand. They are then paid a fair and liveable wage and the fabrics are inported to the US. It hads always been my belief that you don't give money, give them a way to make a better life themselves. The artisan can remain in their villages, support themselves and their arts lives on. So I am in the process of searching out other fabrics. Any sugggestions? They must be of high quality, cotton, suitable for quilting.


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