Sunday, January 07, 2007

Last night I finished a jacket based on a sweatshirt. It occurred to me that not everyone knows how to sew garments. A great way is to start with one of the many patterns that take a sweatshirt apart. You have all the pieces and you get to create, quilt, embellish till your heart is happy, then put it back together. I have found two patterns that offer several ideas and inspiration. This is my version. Photos are a closeup of the fabric on the back. Then the back and front of the garment. And no it isn't that stiff, I have a tube on the inside to hold out the arms.

It really became an experiment in machine quilting. I played with different styles and shapes. One thing I discovered is that I do much better with organic shapes as opposed to geometric shapes. All in all the sweatshirt was fun to create and I cant wait to wear it. Jeans and a t-shirt and it feels like wearing a bit hug.


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